Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekly Must Reads

Here are the articles from this week that I think you should absolutely read.

Simple Explanation of the Credit Crisis
A cool visual explanation of the credit crisis.

Alternatives to High Yield Savings Accounts
Tired of low rates in savings accounts? Here are some alternatives.

Find Investment Opportunities In Any Business Market Environment! Ride The Economic Recovery
How to position yourself for when the economy recovers.

Warren Buffett Versus Modern Portfolio Theory
Interesting article about Buffet, with all the buzz about Berkshire Hathaway's latest quarter, this is a good read.

4 Reasons Why Money Brings Happiness
Why money matters.

Is saving 15% for retirement enough?
How much should you be investing for retirement?

A Winning Trade: Anticipating Geithner
How Geithner moves the markets.

The Cognitive Distortions Of Chicken Little
I couldn't agree more.

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