Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Investing Community - Rally'Em

I would like you guys to check out a new site I started called Rally'Em. It can be found at

My aim with this site is to get an investing/trading community going where people can get opinions on their investment/trades before they make them. We started Rally'Em because we always had great investing ideas, but wanted the opinion of other investors on it before we risked a lot of our money in the stock market. Have you ever wanted the opinion of other everyday investors and investing professionals on your investing strategy? Well here is your opportunity. 

Here is how Rally’Em works. You start by typing up your investing strategy. This could be a paragraph on why you want to invest in Microsoft, a corporate bond, or a treasury, etc… For example, if you write about Microsoft, you could say “I want to invest in Microsoft because I think the company is going to grow its earnings, It offers a good dividend, I find it very cheap right now, etc…” You then submit your analysis to Rally’em and your analysis now shows up on the site for everyone to see. People will read your analysis about Microsoft and they can vote to “rally it” or “crash it.” Meaning if they think your analysis is dead on and think Microsoft is going to make a great investment, they will rally it and your analysis will get a high rating. If they think your analysis is off and Microsoft’s stock is only going down, people will crash it and it will get a low rating. This way you can use Rally’Em to your benefit. If your stock analysis gets a really low rating, maybe you should reconsider if you want to invest your money in it. If it gets a high rating, you can invest in your stock with confidence. 

Also, Rally'Em allows you to browse through other top investing ideas, so you can read about types of investments or strategies that you may have never thought of. Equally important is the ability for people to comment on your strategy. Maybe you missed the news that Microsoft is having trouble selling software and they are considering cutting the dividend. You may think the dividend is safe, but someone will comment on your analysis, informing you that indeed it is not, saving you from making a poor investment. 

Now only stocks have been mentioned so far, particularly Microsoft, but you can put any investment idea on Rally'Em. If you want to invest in AT&T’s bond, go ahead and make your case for it. If you want to short a stock, buy a treasury, allocate some of your payment to a 401k, invest in a mutual fund, a money market account or any other type of investment, they are more than welcome at Rally’Em. 

So how is Rally’Em different than other stock websites out there? You can get stock analysis from so called “professionals.” But it is up to their discretion on what stocks they decide to talk about that day. Also you often have to pay some kind of monthly fee to gain access to their analysis. And after all that, you still only get the opinion of one person, and in today’s market, one opinion is simply too risky and not enough. With Rally’Em, you can talk about the investing strategy YOU want, and get many opinions on it. In today’s volatile market, it is only to your advantage to get as much feedback as possible on your investment strategies. To top it all off, Rally’ Em is completely free! 

For those who write elsewhere on the web, Rally’Em can help get readers for your site. If you have the same analysis on your blog/website, we allow you to submit that link so that when you post an analysis people can go to your site to see what else you are writing about. Additionally, by submitting articles to Rally’Em you will increase the amount of pages linking back to your blog/website. 

Rally’Em is just starting off, so there are bound to have some kinks that need to be worked out. If you find any problems or have any questions or comments, please email us at Also, since we are new, we do not have a wide user base yet so you may not get immediate and plentiful responses to your analysis right away. 

Please be patient with us, we are working around the clock to get the site going. We would appreciate if you tell your friends about Rally'Em!


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