Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carnival of Everything Money #5

Welcome to the 5th edition of the Carnival of Everything Money. I wanted to give my thanks to everyone who is contributing to making this carnival a success! I would appreciate it if anyone who is featured in the carnival links back to this post. If you want to submit an article for next week's edition, the submission form is here.

There were a lot more articles submitted than included in the carnival this week. If your article wasn't included, it was likely because you didn't include a category. We deleted over 40 submissions simply because they weren't categorized. Please be sure to double check next time because I really want to make sure that as many people as possible can participate.

editor's pick

The Dough Roller presents 2009 Economic Stimulus Package FAQs posted at The Dough Roller, saying, "This article answers all your questions about Obama's 2009 economic stimulus package."

Meaghan Montrose presents 7 Tips for Avoiding Bad Business Opportunities posted at Colleen Palat.

The Investor presents Stocks vs corporate bonds posted at Monevator.com, saying, "There are good reasons to expect stocks to outperform corporate bonds in the long term. So why should you consider adding them to your portfolio?"

Dana presents Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the gloomiest of them all? posted at Investoralist, saying, "At a time when doom reigns the stock market and media outlets, take a contrarian view and see what you can learn from these experts' outlook for 2009."

David presents How Much is $787 Billion? posted at Pimp Your Finances, saying, "How can we understand how much money that is, when there’s nothing to compare it to? I’m going to explain just how much $787 billion is, by breaking it down into some figures we can wrap our heads around."


W. Jackson presents Top 5 Financial Secrets You Must Use posted at My Financial Success.

Wren Caulfield presents Review: Mint.com, free online personal finance service posted at True Adventures in Money Hacking.

freefrombroke presents Using Google Calendar To Pay Bills On Time posted at Free From Broke, saying, "Ever just miss a bill's due date? Here's a clever way to remind you of your bills' due dates!"

Mrs. Modern Tightwad presents MT Tips: Factor YOU into Your Budget and Choices posted at Modern Tightwad.


ChristianPF presents 6 steps to reducing your credit card interest rates posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog, saying, "The easiest way to start saving money on your credit cards..."

The Shark Investor presents I've Never Used a Consumer Credit In My Life posted at The Shark Investor, saying, "Using consumer credit is the best way to get screwed"

David presents Chase PerfectCard MasterCard posted at Credit Card Offers IQ, saying, "The Chase PerfectCard MasterCard is an excellent gas rebate and cash back credit card."

keevisr presents Student Loans No Credit History Required posted at Loan Info Central, saying, "Student loans with no credit history required are made for young students who are starting out in school with no previous financial background."

Mr Credit Card presents Discover Escape Card Review posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.


Joe Mueller presents The Truth About Debt Consolidation Loans posted at Debt Consolidation For Beginners, saying, "The truth about debt consolidation loans is that they can be useful in helping a person's cash flow, but in the long run it will not reduce your overall debt load. One should only consider this option if they really need to improve their cash flow situation."

Raj Patel presents Despite Risks, Workers Guzzle Company Stock posted at DebtGoal.


Wenchypoo presents The Consumer’s Guide to Functioning in an Economic Cycle (L-O-N-G) posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.


Insurance Toolbox presents The Best Interest Rates on Savings Accounts Available in March 2009. posted at Fine-Tuned Finances.

Den Levin presents Get Ready For The Crowding Out Effect | Credit Makes The World Go Round posted at Credit Makes The World Go Round, saying, "With the US government projected to have the highest deficits ever, businesses will have an even tougher time borrowing due to the crowding out effect."

Steve Patterson presents Three Semiconductor Names Give A Negative Signal posted at FastSwings.

One Family presents Writing Covered Calls against Employer Stock Plan Shares (ESPP, Restricted Stock, and Stock Options) – A Primer posted at One Family's Blog, saying, "The post explains the steps involved in writing covered calls against stock acquired through employer stock plans."

Nesher presents Internet Stock Trading for Beginners posted at Internet Stock Trading for Beginners.

Abdulrasool Sumar presents Borrowing from Your 401k Plan - Advantages & Disadvantages - Basics of Borrowing, 4 Reasons to Borrow, Media & Myths on 401(k) Loans posted at 401k, saying, "While it is encouraged not to ever borrow from your 401(k), there are advantages of doing so on the flip side; this is what we will explore in this article."

Rob presents Obama’s “Making Homes Affordable” Program and Evil Real Estate Investors posted at Two Wise Acres, saying, "Are real estate investors really evil? Apparently the Obama Administration thinks so with its new Making Homes Affordable program."


MoneyNing presents Our Eternal Pursuit of More Wealth posted at Money Ning, saying, "Is money never enough? Know what's important and you will be much happier!"

Investing School presents What is the Federal Reserve posted at Investing School, saying, "What is the federal reserve and what do they actually do?"

Carrie presents Generating Passive Income During Time Off Work posted at It's Frugal Being Green.

Dorian Wales presents Capitalism with Social Equality: A Powerful Though Experiment Demonstrates Our Moral Obligations posted at The Personal Financier, saying, "An interesting thought experiment by American philosopher John Rawls demonstrates the morality of a more socialistic version of Capitalism."

The Smarter Wallet presents Find Freelance Work At This Online Job Search Site: GoFreelance.com posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Nate presents Should You Use a Private Car Loan or Dealer Financing? posted at Car Loan Tips, saying, "When it comes to financing your new car purchase, you have a couple of options."


Tiffany Colter presents » Money Saving Ideas posted at Hidden Leaks, saying, "Common Sense Money Management in Tough Economic Times. Articles include tips on saving money, budgeting, finding hidden leaks in your budget, and facing job loss."

Jim presents Highest Short-Term CD (Certificate of Deposit) Rates posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Brian McKay presents Credit Union CD Rates posted at MonitorBankRates.com, saying, "Credit unions have historically provided their members with higher rates on certificate of deposits and savings accounts."

PFCreditCards presents Priceline Gets You the Cheapest Hotel Deals posted at PF Credit Cards, saying, "A real world example (mine) that shows you why I love priceline so much!"


Audra presents Playing with Money posted at Adventures At Home.

Sigrid Landau presents What Does The Future Hold For The Big Three Auto Industry? posted at A1 How To, saying, "What is the problem with the Big Three Auto Industry? Are they ever going to make a comeback from, recover from their current funk? Is now the time to take a chance to buy Ford or GM stock?"


Miss M presents The Marriage Penalty Myth posted at M is for Money.

Thursday Bram presents Changes for the 2008 Tax Laws posted at Tax Hacks.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! Please remember to link back to this post. Check back next week for a new edition.


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