Friday, March 27, 2009

Carnival of Investing Strategies: 8

Welcome to the 8th edition of the Carnival of Investing Strategies. This is a carnival focused on different strategies of investing your money. If your article was included, please be sure to link back to this carnival. If you want to make a submission for the next edition, the form is here.

Editor's Pick

Manshu presents Greater Fool Theory and Keynes Beauty Contest | OneMint posted at OneMint.

John R. presents Investing to Beat Inflation posted at Live Money Smart, saying, "If you're not worried about inflation yet, you should be. Here are some tips to stay ahead of inflation in the coming years."

Investing School presents Realized and Unrealized Gains and Losses posted at Investing School, saying, "It's a simple subject but it's often confused. Unrealized and realized gains explained."

Marcus presents Buying Stocks For Beginners - Back To Basics posted at Stock Market Investing For Beginners, saying, "There's doom and gloom everywhere. Investors and traders all rushed for the exits months ago. It's a tough time if you're just starting out in the stock market. In this post I offer some reminders about what it means to be an investor. I talk about buying the business and not the stock, buying for the long term - all the basic stuff. We all know it, but sometimes we need a gentle reminder."

And the rest...

Mesquite Pete presents Don’t Take Too Much Risk | Sound Stock Investment posted at Sound Stock Investment, saying, "If there is one thing we all could learn from the recent crisis, it is the danger of taking too much risk."

James Fowlkes presents Is Your Mutual Fund Eating Away Your Profits? posted at

Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents Pertuity Direct Peer to Peer Lending Review posted at Cash Money Life, saying, "Pertuity Direct is a new Peer to Peer Lending company that offers investors the opportunity to invest in a mutual fund of personal loans."

Barry presents HyperInflation Coming But Financial Crisis Not Over Yet posted at Jeflin's Investment Blog.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Best Places For Your Money When The Stock Market Tanks posted at The Digerati Life.

Silver Investor presents Why I'm Piling Into Silver posted at Gold Investing Info, saying, "Given the prospects of stagflation, buying silver is looking like a good investment option."

Freddy presents Stock Market's Weekly Recap (Ended March 20th, 2009) posted at Protege Analytics.

Nickel presents The Best Online Discount Brokers (Updated) posted at

Cody Butler presents Investing In Cds, How Does It Work? posted at Dream Life Coaching Blog. Ask your questions., saying, "The basics of investing in CD's, the pro's the cons and when is the right time to do it."

Tony presents Facebook and Twitter Are One Massive Bubble posted at Biz World Blog, saying, "Facebook and Twitter will prove to be horrible investments for anyone that is considering investing in them now."

Michael Haltman presents Pop The Economic Pimple While The Cancer Runs Wild posted at The Political and Financial Markets Commentator, saying, "I find the bonuses paid to the AIG executives and financial "geniuses" that created and sold the products that has helped to bring the economy of the United States and the world to its knees to be abhorrent and bordering on the immoral. If there is a way to abrogate them within the boundaries of contract law, then it must be done! But that is not the point of this post. That said, let's move on."

JC presents Stock Market Advice posted at 6Bubbles - Grad School, Money, Life.

Thanks to everyone who submitted!


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