Friday, March 6, 2009

So Much For The Rally...

And just as Obama starts speaking, there goes the rally...  I just hope we have some massive drops and finally get a bottom rather than having these slow grinding days for weeks. However, usually Friday trades are down since investors don't want to go long into the weekend so a lot of selling occurs. 


  1. I hope we see the end soon! :)

    I just don't think that it'll be soon... late this year we'll see things really turn around (maybe). Just shows how confident I am in all of this stimulus nonsense.

  2. I agree with you Trevor, this bottoming process seems to be a long and painful one. I just wish we had one massive drop on one day and got the bottom over with! Wouldn't that be nice :) I also believe that the first half of this year is going to be nothing but bottoming out. I expect the economy to start a recovery in 2010 and usually the market looks forward 6 months so I hope to see a small recovery in the second half of 2009. But this market has proven to be unpredictable so only time will tell what will happen.