Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Voice to Shake Wall Street

If you ever turn on CNBC or read any financial websites/newspapers you will see a hoard of so called financial "experts" giving their take on what is going to happen with the economy and where you should be investing. After you survey all their opinions in order to gain some direction on what you should be investing in or where the economy seems to be going, you will end up where you started. Half of them say the economy is going to get better, half say it's going into a depression. But one of these analysts has stood out. That's Meredith Whitney, an analyst at Oppenheimer & Co.; she has been dead right on calling the mortgage meltdown and predicting the need for capital by banks. The market has fallen in love with her because of her accurate predictions, and thus she has earned their trust. CNBC took a poll in December asking who the most important person to the stock market was. Meredith Whitney won easily. Her voice is so strong that when she predicted banks would need to raise more capital, bank stocks plummeted. I have attached a few of her predictions for the future state of the economy. Just because she has been right in the past does not mean she will be right in the future. I am not suggesting you should do whatever she says, but it is certainly worth taking her opinion into consideration.

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