Thursday, January 15, 2009

Improve Your Credit Score has an article listing 10 ways to improve your credit. After yesterday's post on the importance of your credit, I thought these tips would be helpful.
  1. Pay Your Bills on Time.
  2. Keep Your Credit Card Balances Low
  3. Having a Good History Counts, So Don’t Close Unused Accounts
  4. Only Apply for Credit When It’s Needed, Then Shop for the Best Rates on Loans and Credit Cards
  5. Separate Your Accounts after a Divorce
  6. Correct Inaccuracies in Your Credit Reports, and Make Sure Old Information Is Removed
  7. Avoid Excess Inquiries
  8. Avoid Bankruptcy, if Possible
  9. Avoid Consolidating Balances onto One Credit Card
  10. Negotiate with Your Creditors
These are just the 10 ways to improve your credit score. I recommend you read the whole article here. There is an in-depth description of each strategy which is really worth reading, even if your credit score isn't low.

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