Monday, January 12, 2009

Heat Conservatively

Your electricity bills can really pinch your wallet. Easily the biggest component of your electricity bill is heating and air conditioning. So this winter, heat conservatively.

In the winter, try use space heaters instead of heating your entire house. Space heaters in individual rooms use tremendously less energy than heating the entire house and they work just as well. Using less energy is less money. How often is there someone in every room of your house? It doesn't make sense to waste money heating your basement when you are upstairs in your bedroom sleeping. 

Also, invest in an automatic thermostat. You can set it so that in the middle of the night while you are sleeping, the heat will be turned down, and then it will automatically turn back up so the house is warm by the time you get up. You can set it to turn the heat off while you are at work or school. This way you aren't wasting money heating the house when nobody is feeling the effects. These thermostats can also be used in the summer to conserve money on air conditioning.

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