Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ink is Not Cheap

Are you ever surprised when your computer comes up with a low ink error when it feels like you just refilled your ink days ago. You may not realize it, but ink is not cheap! Ink purchases can really add up. Especially if you have young children who often print unnecessary things without considering the costs behind it. How often do you print out a simple article, only to find what seemed like a short article is now two or three pages after color advertisements are added. Color ink is much more expensive than black and white. The text of your article is almost always in black/white, however, it is the unnecessary advertisements that end up wasting your colored ink. Set your computer's default printing settings to black and white. This way, your color ink can never be accidently wasted. If you use your printer a lot, this could save you up to $30 a month in color ink. 

Also, if you are only trying to print the article, try selecting the text that you want to print before hitting the print button. Then in the print settings, instead of choosing "all" choose "selection." This way you save money in both paper and ink by not printing the parts of the website you have no need for.


  1. Ink is cheap unless you are broke.

  2. No, ink isn't cheap. It's one of the most expensive substances we need, but you can find some deals.