Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Penny Daily's Weekly Must Reads

Here are some of my favorite articles from around the blogosphere this week. I recommend you check them all out, if you haven't seen them already.

6 Stocks That Might Interest Value Investors
I like this articles because it points out some great companies which earn solid profits and have great businesses. You can buy shares of the firms at discounted prices right now.

A Really Long Term Dow Jones Chart to Put Things in Perspective
For everyone freaking out right now over the market crash and thinking that you will only lose money in the market, this article give you a historical perspective of how the market performs.

Safeguard #4: Buy Investments That Trend Upward
For everyone flocking to gold right now, this is just a reminder that over time it does not make a good investment.

The Present and Future Value of Money
An excellent concept about the present and future value that everyone should understand if they want to manage their money well.

Investing Tips For The Beginning Stock Picker
Low prices in the stock market may attract first time investors, before you dive into stocks, read this article.

Investment Clubs
An interesting idea, investment clubs give you an opportunity to hang out with friends while learning new investment ideas.

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