Monday, February 9, 2009

Carnival of Investing Strategies

Welcome to the first edition of the Carnival of Investing Strategies. This is a new carnival and I am very excited to get it started. If your article was included, please be sure to link back to this carnival. If you want to make a submission for the next edition, the form is here.

Amanda Espinoza at Homemaker Barbi explains what an Education Savings Account or ESA is and how to invest for your child’s college tuition tax-free in College Costs Are Rising: Save Now With an Education Savings Account (ESA).

Debt Kid presents The Number One Reason You Can't Get Out of Debt.

Deposit Accounts discusses Savings Accounts for Children.

Lauren Rose at No Debt talks about how under certain circumstances, your clipboard contents from a copy and paste command can be stolen from the Internet, including your credit card number and banking info, in Never Use Copy Paste for Your Credit Card Number and Internet Explorer.

Stockaholic at Traders Corner asks whether Nova Chemicals looking at bankruptcy or a turn around in Nova Chemicals (TSE: NCX) – Bankruptcy, Or A Screaming Buy?.

One Family at One Family's Blog contributed Our Fannie Mae (FNM) Investment – A Case Of Escaping With Minor Wounds!

ChristianPF at Christian Personal Finance Blog discusses how even though Zecco's name itself means free, they aren't free for most investors anymore in Zecco no longer free.

SJ at Save Money On Gas asks if you are thinking about how you can start saving petrol and states that the truth is that the rising gas prices have hit everyone on a global scale in Saving Petrol - Easy And Effective Tips That Work.

Will at Make Money | Save Money | Invest Money presents Stock Market Success For Beginners & Dummies.

Raily Arena at Make Money Easy Online offers Making Money Online Scams: Knowing the Cream from the Crop.

Silicon Valley Blogger at The Digerati Life discusses High Yield Savings Account Interest Rates: Changes Ahead?.

The Smarter Wallet presents Charting Stock Movements With Fibonacci Trading Techniques.

Ryan Suenaga at Uncommon Cents submitted January was Still Cold and Dark: My Model Portfolio Performance.

Thursday at Wealth Junkies says making the switch to long-term thinking about finance isn’t always easy and gives some tips on how to do so in 5 Tips For Taking The Long View With Money.

Nickel at posted The Safest Banks.

Gavin R. Putland presents Stupid property owners, an article about property owners' attitudes to taxation inhibit growth in property values.

Adam at Pimp My Trade discusses a winning swing trading strategy that he uses over and over again to pull in money from the stock market in Swing Trading Strategy: Touch and Go!

Thanks to everyone who submitted! It was a great turnout. Check back next week for the next edition.

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