Friday, April 24, 2009

Things are Getting Better

Well no duh things in the economy still look bad... Ever since the rally started I have seen a flood of articles that say the economy is still bad. Well thanks, I didn't know that... Take a look at this article from MarketWatch:

The article tries to show you that why the market is looking up, bonds are saying something else. They are trying to show you the rally is false and uncalled for. 

And it is true, credit spreads are still very high. But they are decreasing  and that is reason to get excited. Every economic indicator is dismal, unemployment, housing, manufacturing, etc... We know that. Obviously things are still bad. BUT they are improving. So while credit spreads are still high, they are getting smaller. Things are getting better. Will they improve over night? No. But they are improving and that is why we have had a rally. 

If people show you indicators that are still dismal in efforts to convince you that the rally is a fluke, don't listen to them. No one is saying the economy is completely fixed, obviously indicators are still terrible, and so is the market. The market is no where near its 2008 high, yet people are screaming and yelling as if it is. As if it has jumped way too much. Well, it hasn't. Things are getting better in the economy and so are the markets.


  1. looks like you've been drinking the kool aid lately. see you at the bottom.

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